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Translation procedure


  1. You upload a scan / photo of the document (max. 15 mb), fill out a form and click send. You can also send your document (s) by email or mail;

  2. I make a concept translation including the translation of the apostille and I send it to you by e-mail;

  3. you correct, if necessary, IN RED and send it back;

  4. I make final translation text and print it on official paper and place my stamps;

  5. If you would like an apostille (in Dutch or English) on the document (s) that I have translated, you can indicate this via a selection menu. I then collect the apostille to the Court of The Hague for a contribution of € 22 per document. My mediation costs 15 euros extra, regardless of the number of documents.

  6. you can pay via the internet bank / giro OR you will receive the translation at my residential office address in The Hague and pay on the spot;

  7. I send all the documents inculding the bill to you by mail (including 21% VAT), If your billing address differs from the correspondence address, please state this in the description.

Bank details Sloezjba

IBAN: NL22 INGB 0008 1565 48

Online form

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